The Enigma of Kenny Owens

My name is Kenny Owens. In 1980, I made a major medical discovery. This led to a 42 year
mission and carreer, and the start of the understanding of the Secrets of Ahieving Personal
Wellness and distinguishing the Art and Science of Muscular Health.

Humbly and respectfully, I submit that even now, I "walk the walk" after having spent many
decades thoroughly seeking holistic and alternative methods worldwide and investigating
numerous approaches to healthy living. I now have adopted several proven wellness strategies.

Along the way I appear to also have become an advanced  world class, grand master Bodyworker 
without peer - with an unparalled experience  - over 58,000 treatments. Most of this experience
was on people well beyond any medical or surgical cure, in essense, the worst of the worst!

Let me relate my findings: I have compelling evidence that Myofascial Tightness is the single
most overlooked consideration affecting the health and wellness of every human being!  If there
were this level of dysfunction, in any other tissue of the body, the liver, the heart, the lungs, the brain,
there would be an immediate worldwide effort to get to the bottom of the problem. In this case they
are asleep to the problem and how the unseen myofascial tightness affects every part of the body
in the cause of pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability.

This scenario is not unlike Pasteur and "Germ Theory". Pasteur was not a doctor but a chemist and
physicians outright rejected this. It was NOT "In the Books"- NO invisible bugs!  It took 35 to 100
years to thoroughly get Germ Theory into all Medical Schools.  I have now spent 31 years trying
to get "Muscular Health Theory" before the SERIOUS attention of the scientific and Medical Community.

 If there were no brushing, no flossing, no Dentists or Dentlal Hygienists, no Science of Dental Health,
no flouridated water and every human being had decayed teeth - that would not make any sense!  I can
state with absolute certainty we have precicely the same exact scenario in the domain of muscles!
There are no equivalents in the domain of the muscles.

The many other approaches to treating the muscles have not hit the target, much less the bullseye! 
Where all other known systems have failed, this system continuously has the highest success rate
anywhere worldwide!  Myofascial Tightness is a world wide epidemic and an world wide crisis.
Every human being (mammals) has it, some more, some less. And it goes unrecognised! Muscular
Health has not previously been defined, characterized, or quantified.

I MEAN YOU! THE READER OF THIS!  There are two scenarios.

First, is problems which we all may face sometime in the future. I realize that much can be done to early
detect and even prevent most grave consequences.

Second, The very problem you are wondering about, is what I am speaking about, it's the condition YOU
have, which can't or won't get well, or treatment results aren't what you want.  I am telling YOU that you
are exactly like me! It is this enourmous mechanical force which the muscles place throughout the body
which is actually  tearing our bodies apart, right before our eyes and we are not even aware of what I am

 When I made this breakthrough discovery I thought it was so OBVIOUS, AMAZING and easily
demonstrateable beyond ANY question  -  I thought it would travel around the world in months! NOT years!

I went to the Olympic Committee in 1986 to Have an Injury Free 1988 Olympic Games t

In 1993, I sent out packages of True Healthcare Reform to Bill and Hillory Clinton, Leon Panetta, Elder Bush,
Dan Rather, the NIH, 60 Minutes, and with all that, NO RESPONSE!

What do I have to do to get the world's attention? This is TRULY a crisis, and an epidemic.

The problem is, my mother died at 63 years. I am the eldest living member of my mothers side of the family
and I have many of my mothers similarities and traits. My dad is still alive (Sept 2011) at 96 years old. I am
somewhere in between. If I do not get my experience recorded for mankind it would be a tragedy. They
will not be able to capture it from my corpse. I need help and would be grateful for it.

31 Years - 58 Thousand+ Treatments - Unparalleled Experience!