Diana Nyad Marathon Swimmer


Let my introduce myself. My name is Kenny Owens, perhaps the worlds most successful and experienced
bodyworker. I write to you to urge you to keep your vision alive! Do not give up! I was inspired by hearing
of your brave story a few weeks ago. If you only knew my work existed, you would have only had to deal
with the cold, wind, and the waves, but certainly, under my program, NO ASTHMA or SHOULDER problems!.

Then, I saw the very sad Dr Sanjay Gupta Special on you and your amazing dream this past weekend.and
now I am redoubling my efforts to contact you.  Call me 832-885-0216 or 713-875-7541

I started this page of my new website as preparation to contact you ASAP - so you can continue your training
and maintaining your fitness level.

I have had enormous success and have the confidence in helping you understand your asthma situation.
This is because of the many numerous times I have successfully treated acute asthma attacks in minutes
(usually to the complete amazement of the victim and bystanders alike!). Mere words are truly unable to
convey the simplicity, magnatude and significance of what I am trying to convey to you. This system is not
like anything else! The other systems have not hit the target, much less the bullseye.

My approach is known only to myself and my stable of Advanced World Class Master Bodyworkers. I will
give you more hope in a few minutes than you can even possibly believe. I can demonstrate beyond any
question as to what is certainly the heart of your problem. It inspires me to attempt to contact you and offer
you my unparalleled services and solutions.

I invite you investigate my world class solutions, my unique and precise approach to wellness and in particular
the the deeper understanding of the role of muscles in the cause of pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability. 

I have given over 58,000+ treatments and have a unique understanding and a profoundly simple approach to
successfully deal with your asthma, shoulder, and nausea problems. The training you did your entire
life and the time leading up to the event, made your muscles gradually tighten to perhaps, just below the
threshold of perception. Make NO mistake, I can solve these issues!

I have worked with greats such as Evander Holyfield, Carl Lewis, Carol Lewis, Leroy Burrell, Joe DeLoach,
Lou Savarese, Warren Moon, Hakkeem Olijawon, Roger Clements, Mary Lou Retton, Pete Pfitszinger,
Andy Van Slyke, Fred Couples, Marty Fleckman, Pete Harnish, John Mecom Jr. and numerous other high
profile athletes and celebrities.

Myofascial tightness  have caused both your shoulder problem, your nausea, and your asthma attack!

For those of you unaware of Diana's problem - Watch this!


I have your solution! FOR SURE!  Call me 832-885-0216 or 713-875-7541
Here is the Evidence of your solution!



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