The Detailed Enigma of Kenny Owens

My name is Kenny Owens. 1n 1980, I made a major anatomical discovery in the musculature of human
beings. This led to a 31 year mission and carreer, and the start of the understanding of the role of
Muscles and their obvious intimate involvement in pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability, and the
incredible 100% correlation of myofascial tightness to all chronic.and most acute bodily conditions.

After traveling to many countries, I have not found any word of or discussion of this discovery in anatomical,
scientific, or medical book anywhere in the world. It is a profoundly simple insight. Human language cannot
convey certain things, and a practical demonstrtion is the only way to understand this insight into the
muscles. However not all persons"get it". This sometimes requires repeated demonstrations.

This discovery, led to bringing this writer back from the brink of suicide! I had survived 8 months
of severe agonizing pain and sleepless nights, undergoing numerous ineffective treatments, realizing
60,000,000 million people lived in chronic pain, there must be something missing from the convential
approach. At the utter end, when suicide seemed the only way out - Miracle! I "accidently" that my
pain was NOT the joint, but the muscles compressing the joint and pinching the nerves.
When all else had failed, Divine Intervention through Divine Revelation came through!

Humbly and respectfully, I submit that even I, now appear to have become A World Class
Grand Master Bodyworker - without peer - an unparalled experience  - 58,000+ treatments

The mature understanding of the body, from a Wellness Science approach, the muscles
now reveal themselves to be the missing link to the understanding of chronic pain and most
other chronic conditions.The many mishaps and unexpected occurances witnessed by the
patients and we therapists, DC's DO's PT's, physcians, nurses.and practicianers of ALL types.
Even I see unexpected things from time to time.

Let me say it another way: Myofascial Tightness is the single most overlooked consideration
affecting the health and wellness every human being!  This scenario is not unlike Pasteur
and "Germ Theory". Pasteur was not a doctor but a chemist and physicians outright rejected this.
It was NOT "In the Books"- NO invisible bugs!  It took 35 to 100 years to thoroughly get Germ Theory into
all Medical Schools.  I have now spent 31 years trying to get the SERIOUS attention of the scientific
and Medical Community.

 If there were no brushing, no flossing, no Dentists or Dentlal Hygienists, no Science of Dental Health,
no floridated water and every human being had decayed teeth - that would not make any sense!  I can
state with absolute certainty we have precicely the same exact scenario in the domain of muscles!
There are no equivalents in the domain of the muscles. The many other approaches to treating the
muscles have not hit the target, much less the bullseye!   Where all other known systems have failed,
this system continuously has the highest success rate anywhere worldwide!  Myofascial Tightness is
a world wide epidemic and an world wide crisis. Every human being (mammals) has it. And it goes
unrecognised! Muscular Health has not previously been defined or quantified.

I MEAN YOU! THE READER OF THIS!   The very problem you are wondering why the condition YOU have
can't or won't get well, or the results you want are not there!  I am telling YOU that you are exactly like me!
It is the enourmous mechanical force which the muscles place throughout the body which is actually  tearing
your body apart right before your eyes and are not even aware of what I am speaking!

 When I made this breakthrough discovery I thought it was so OBVIOUS, AMAZING and easily
demonstrateable beyond ANY question  -  I thought it would travel around the world in months! NOT years!

31 Years - 58 Thousand+ Treatments - Unparalleled Experience!